Ulivè Grand Cru - Labeled in Spanish


Superior category olive oil obtained directly from the vinegars and only through mechanical procedures.

Italian product

Cold extraction


SANARICA EMMANUEL Agricultural Company

Viale degli Olivi, 12

Montemesola (TA) - Italy


Produced and shipped in the factory:

Via Mesagne km 1 - Torre Santa Susanna (BR) - Italy


Preserve the heat and excess of lux.


Nutritional information

Values ​​para 100 g


Energy value _________________3389 kJ - 824 Kcal

Grasas______________________________92 g

Saturated___________________________13 g

Carbon hydrates__________________0 g

of the specific blue ones _________________0 g

Proteins ____________________________0 g

Sal__________________________________0 g



Recognition campaign: 2022/2023

Lote: 8/2023

To be consumed preferably before: 06/2024