Story of a great love

A soil exposed to East and West, which favors a large
variability and gives the best fruits.
A unique microclimate, in the middle between the Taranto Murgia and the Sea
Piccolo di Taranto, which allows aromatic expressions
exceptionally intense.

Enhance your dishes with a luxurious quality fragrance

It is the land that has chosen us, that has decided to welcome and grow our olive trees to produce a unique oil, a truly immersive sensory experience that involves all the senses. It starts from the view, with a purple casket like the ripe olives of our land, and illuminated by the silver of the Mar Piccolo.

The precious relief on the olive of the Ulivè Grand Cru label establishes a contact with our fruits and the gold of our oil.

The sense of smell is overwhelmed by the depth of the highly perfumed essence of Ulivè Grand Cru, a madeleine that speaks of earth, sun, work, love.

The taste is in ecstasy with every taste of the a thousand combination possibilities with foods enhanced by the flavor of Uliviè Grand Cru.

And hearing Close your eyes, smell and taste Ulivè Grand Cru: you can't hear your heart laughinge?

Discover Ulive Grand Cru

Ulivè Grand Cru - Extra Virgin Olive OilUlivè Grand Cru - Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Ulivè Grand Cru - pack of 3Ulivè Grand Cru - pack of 3
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