Ulivè Grand Cru - Etiquette en français


Olive oil from the upper category obtained directly from the olives and uniquely by mechanical processes.

Produits Italianes

Extrait à froid


SANARICA EMMANUEL Agricultural Company

Viale degli Olivi, 12

Montemesola (TA) - Italy


Produit et conditionné dans l'usine de:

Via Mesagne km 1 - Torre Santa Susanna (BR) - Italy


Store in a fresh and dry container near the source of the light and heat sources.


Nutritional information

Valeurs moyennes pour 100 g


Energy______________________________3389 kJ - 824 Kcal

Graisses______________________________92 g

dont saturated fatty acids________________13 g

Glucides______________________________0 g

dont sucres ___________________________0 g

Proteins _____________________________0 g

Sel___________________________________0 g



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Lot: 8/2023

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