Ulivè Grand Cru, miglior olio al mondo per la Dubai Olive Oil Competition 2022

Ulivè Grand Cru, best oil in the world for the Dubai Olive Oil Competition 2022

Ulivè Grand Cru wins the gold medal at the Dubai Olive Oil Competition Early Harvest 2022, ranking among thebest oils in the world.

The Dubai Olive Oil Competition takes place in the United Arab Emirates and is an international competition, one of the largest sector competitions in the world that involves producers from more than 20 countries in the world.

It is a prizeVery important for our company, which tells and recognizes all the commitment we invest every single day of the year inpursuit of excellent quality for our production of Ulivè Grand Cru, working hardto cultivate and care for olive trees with love, respecting the earth and its natural cycle

Our goal is to enhance the identity of a unique territory, such as the one where our olive trees grow in Montemesola, through a sustainable and environmentally friendly production system, from the olive grove to the bottle, in a combination of past techniques and modern technologies. in cultivation and pressing.


You can watch the Telenorba interview on our precious extra virgin olive oil Ulivè Grand Cru at this linkThe best oil in the world is from Montemesola


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