Ulivè Grand Cru, medaglia d'oro in Giappone

Ulivè Grand Cru, gold medal in Japan

Ulivè Grand Cru flies to Japan and wins the gold medal for quality in the Blend category at JOOP .

JOOP is the Japan Olive Oil Prize, an international competition in Tokyo, which promotes quality extra virgin olive oil, recognized as the most important in Japan.

Japan is the country with the highest consumption of EVO oil in Asia. Furthermore, Japanese consumers are very sophisticated, with refined tastes and attentive to the aesthetic detail of the product. The design of Ulivè Grand Cru and its fruity, slightly bitter, spicy but delicate taste conquered the palates of the international jury of the competition.

Ulivè Grand Cru therefore wins another very important award, which recognizes and gives value to the quality of our product. 😍😍✨✨

This fills us with pride and pushes us to do even better!

JOOP - gold medal for quality

Thanks to the Japan Olive Oil Prize - JOOP for this precious recognition and to all our customers for welcoming Ulivè to your tables.

Click here to see the recognition.

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