Ulivè Grand Cru, medaglia d'oro a Berlino

Ulivè Grand Cru, gold medal in Berlin

We are super proud to announce another important award that places Ulivè Grand Cru among the elite olive oils in the world , a small and refined elite of quality extra virgin olive oils. 😭😍😍✨✨

We won the gold medal at the Berlin Global Olive Oil Competition, in the Quality Olive Oil Award category, for quality oils. 🏅

The Berlin Olive Oil Competion is the largest EVO oil competition in Europe:891 olive oils participated in the competition and we are super honored to have distinguished ourselves and to have won this precious recognition.

Here is the link to our recognition , with Ulivè among the Elitè oils in the world.

Ulivè Gold medal Berlin Global Olive Oil competition

The Berlin Global Olive Oil Competition encompasses the multi-year knowledge and expertise of high-profile scientists, food technology pioneers and key business stakeholders, setting the standards for a global competition for credible, transparent and reliable extra virgin olive oil .

Thanks to the Berlin Olive Oil Competition for this precious recognition and to all our customers for welcoming Ulivè on your tables.

Here is the link to our post on social networks.

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