La raccolta dell'olio EVO Ulivè Grand Cru del 2022

The collection of the 2022 EVO Ulivè Grand Cru oil

It's time to sum up: Ulivè Grand Cru is ready to arrive on your tables.

The moment of harvesting is a ritual to which we dedicate ourselves with passion and dedication: we wait all year for the fruit of constant work, in any season. Our care is rewarded with excellent results.

The olives

On 22nd October we started picking the Ulivè Grand Cru olives, in a small plot of land, with exceptional pedoclimatic characteristics.

Olive invaiate

Ulive Grand Cru is aprecious blend, made up of many cultivars.Each variety of olives has theits ideal degree of ripeness to best express its organoleptic characteristics. When each variety is fully ripe, we harvest it.

The right stage of ripening of the olives depends on various factors, such as the climate, sun exposure and the production environment.

We like to consider Ulivè Grand Crua sartorially created oil: each olive is evaluated and harvested in the better conditions .

This ensures that we consider the best olives , suitable for a precious and exclusive oil.


The olive harvest of Ulivè Grand Cru takes place through hand picking and mechanical harvesting, exclusively from the tree, avoiding contact with the earth. The mechanical harvesting guarantees us a greater speed in the collection, decreasing the storage times of the olives.

Olive Ulivè Grand Cru Olio Extravergine di Oliva


The olives are promptly transported to the mill within two hours of collection , in perforated crates to guarantee the aeration of the fruit, to avoid heating and the fermentation processes of the olives.

Processing in the oil mill

The olives are defoliated and washed carefully, in order to eliminate residues of leaves, branches, dust and earth, which would cause negative scents in the oil.

The olives are dried and pressed, with a series of reactions that will be decisive for conferring excellent organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. We cold-extract our oil, never exceeding 27 degrees in temperature. This process influences the expression of aromatic scents and polyphenols. Cleanliness of all machinery and operations is critical to quality oil.

Ulive Grand Cru is ready

The quality of the oil depends on the work in the field, working constantly for 365 days , in any condition. We pruned at the right times, fertilized the soil and defended the plants from all adversity. We harvested the olives with the right methodology and at the best moment, we transported the olives at speed to the mill, we processed them with a plant equipped with suitable and cutting-edge technologies and we correctly store our green gold.

Ulivè Grand Cru is ready: enhance your dishes with a luxurious quality perfume.✨

olio extravergine di oliva ulivè grand cru

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