🥇 Ulivè Grand Cru conquista l'oro all'Amsterdam International Olive Oil Competition! 🏆

🥇 Ulivè Grand Cru wins gold at the Amsterdam International Olive Oil Competition! 🏆

We are excited to announce that Ulivè Grand Cru has won a prestigious gold medal at the Amsterdam International Olive Oil Competition, one of the most important global competitions for high-quality extra virgin olive oils.

Our commitment to producing exceptional olive oil has been recognized and rewarded in the quality extra virgin category by a highly esteemed jury composed of industry experts and top chefs.

The Amsterdam International Olive Oil Competition is an annual event that attracts producers, experts, and enthusiasts from around the world. Participating olive oils undergo rigorous sensory and chemical evaluations to identify the best products in terms of aroma, taste, balance, and overall quality.

The gold medal achieved by Ulivè Grand Cru testifies to our constant dedication to producing top-quality olive oil. We take pride in paying attention to the smallest details, from olive selection to pressing and storage processes, to deliver a final product that fully expresses the characteristics of our region and our savoir-faire.

Participating in the Amsterdam International Olive Oil Competition and winning the gold medal is a source of great pride for us.

We sincerely thank the Amsterdam International Olive Oil Competition, the jury, and the founder for giving us the opportunity to present Ulivè Grand Cru and compete with the best in the world.

We are grateful for this recognition and will strive even harder to continue to amaze olive oil lovers with our extraordinary products.

Our commitment to excellence and the continuous pursuit of perfection have led to this well-deserved victory. We are confident that we will continue to surprise olive oil enthusiasts with our extraordinary products and proudly represent Italy in the international olive oil landscape.

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