Ulivè Grand Cru - Certificates of warranty

Warranty certificate


Our Extra virgin Olives Oil is accompanied by a Certificate of Guarantee that describes those who have chosen us how precious our product is, certifying its organoleptic properties and production characteristics.


Superior category extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical procedures 100% Italian - Cold extracted.


Ten cultivars come together in a unique blend, expertly designed to bring out the organoleptic characteristics of each variety of olives. Some of the cultivars include Leccino, Pendolino, Frantoio and Coratina varieties.


Montemesola, in the region of Taranto, in Apulia. The olive groves are born in a valley surrounded by the Murgia of the Valle d'Itria and the sea of ​​the Gulf of Taranto, benefiting from the beneficial influence of the sea air and the thermal excursion of the hill.l.


From 120 to 240 meters above sea level


From 20 to 30 October 2021. The olives are pressed within 2 hours of harvesting


A mix of hand picking, harvesting and mechanical processes


In stainless steel silos with nitrogen inertization


Amber yellow with green reflections


Delicate, with a fruity and bitter aftertaste and hints of artichoke, tomato and green almond, with a light note of olive leaves


Fragrant and fruity, it recalls the freshly picked olives


Medium fruity


With everything. Ulivè Grand Cru enhances dishes with a luxurious quality perfume, especially if added raw to your dishes. It gives its best on raw fish, hot soups, raw vegetables and grilled meats


A purple package that recalls the colors of ripe olives and almond trees in bloom in our olive groves, embellished with an aluminum label with colors that recall the reflection of the sea of ​​Taranto. The anti-refill cap preserves its taste and authenticity.y.